Welcome to Yoxall St Peter’s C of E Primary School

Welcome to Yoxall St Peter’s C of E Primary, a proud partner in the John Taylor MAT.

As one of the first primary schools that joined the JTMAT, we believe in the power of education to transform lives and the world. We play an active role in the JTMAT and the National Forest Teaching School; working collaboratively with others is at the heart of what we do.

We are a Christian School and our Christian Vision underpins everything we do.

Learning without limits

Are you fed up of exam factories? Do you feel that ‘teaching to the test’ is a parlous way to educate modern minds? Do you believe that every child should be entitled to reach their maximum potential, that learning should not be ‘capped’ and that every child should be able to learn without limits?

Then join us Yoxall St Peter’s for Learning without Limits!

Yoxall St Peter’s Co of E Primary is a school where children gain a lifelong love of learning. Caring and thoughtful, Yoxall children are innovators, builders, artists and improvers. They are risk-takers, problem solvers and writers. They are also pursuers of excellence and expert weavers of dreams.


The School

This is 5-class primary school, with mixed age year groups throughout.  We are a Church of England School and this informs our ethos and everything we do; we have a mission to nurture children that are knowledgeable and tolerant of all religions and cultures. Our Great British Values and Christian Values ensure that Yoxall children are tolerant, mutually respectful, democratic young people that understand their rights as well as their responsibilities.

We are a very caring, supportive and successful school that is driven by passion and the desire to meet the needs of every child that enters the school. The school is currently rated ‘good’ but is well on its way to becoming ‘outstanding.’


S Draper


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St Peter's Yoxall C of E Primary School
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Partner School in the John Taylor MAT