We’re proud of our Curriculum!

We’re proud of our curriculum because it’s OUR curriculum. It was designed in consultation with education experts, based on the latest research into learning styles and pedagogy and most importantly… we asked the children what they wanted to learn about. It’s underpinned by our unique learning style of metacognition, building on the science of how children learn and how the brain adapts through learning. 

You can find the ethos underpinning our curriculum here: Yoxall St Peter’s Curriculum Intent Implementation Impact

All our learning is underpinned by our core values, our vision and aims and our steadfast, unshakeable belief that education has the power to transform lives.

Our children are happy, they want to learn and they can’t wait for Mondays to come around. Yoxall Children aspire to be lifelong learners.

We believe passionately in the right of every child to receive a broad and balanced Curriculum that stimulates their love of learning and engenders a fascination and understanding of the world around them and the global society in which they live.


  • Maths
  • English
  • Religious Education
  • Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Computing
  • Music
  • Art & Design Technology
  • Forest School

Our English and Maths results are always above local and national levels.

In English we believe in writing for purpose; children have written to local business and even the Houses of Parliament (and received a reply!). Likewise in Maths, children use their mathematical skills to problem solve in real world scenarios – such as our popular Farmer’s Market in which the children showcase their Design and Technology skills to sell up-cycled produce and products to the local community to make a profit for the school. We have embraced the Mastery Approach to mathematical teaching and this has substantially improved our results.

We have a Topic approach to History and Geography at Key Stage 1 and a subject-based approach at Key Stage 2. We use our environment and community to its best advantage, aiming to ensure that the children are aware of their place and purpose in society and in today’s changing world.

We are passionate to make sure that our children get the very best education and employ specialist qualified teachers and coaches to provide Music, French and PE.

Our music teaching encourages children to listen to, enjoy and appreciate music through singing, responding to different kinds of music, playing instruments, creative music, movement and dance. Every class from Year 3 upwards has a specialist music teacher delivering their lessons. The school has a range of melodic and un-tuned percussion instruments which are used by the children. We regularly perform a variety of musical activities including dramatic and musical productions throughout the year. There are peripatetic teachers who visit the school weekly to give music tuition.

Every child, from Year 3 upwards has input from a native-speaking French teacher to encourage conversational French at an advanced level.

Technology is directly concerned with generating ideas and developing children’s skills in designing, planning, making and evaluating. We aim to promote the understanding of the properties of materials and structures in practical, problem-solving contexts within our topic work. We have a raft of technology and devices to stimulate and enrich our Computing curriculum.

Opportunities to experiment with materials and techniques in all areas of Art and Craft are given to the children in order to stimulate and develop their creative abilities. Great importance is attached to valuing children’s work and its presentation.

Children are naturally curious about themselves and their environment. Our aim in Science is to build upon their curiosity and to enable each child to develop an enquiring mind and a thirst for exploration and discovery through first-hand experience by which scientific knowledge and skills will be acquired. Through careful observation and much practical experience, children learn to compare, predict, question, discuss and draw conclusions, and so discover and relate to the world about them.

At Yoxall, we recognise that Sport is important to our everyday lives and learning. We aim to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles as we develop positive attitudes, team spirit and motivate each pupil to enjoy physical activities so that individuals are able to make an active, purposeful use of their leisure time both now and in their future lives. The Physical Education curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences to give all children, irrespective of their academic or physical ability, the opportunity to discover and develop their:

  • Team spirit
  • Physical potential
  • An awareness of safety
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Empathy and creativity

This is delivered via a balanced programme of activities which foster enjoyment and success.

Physical skills are developed through the areas identified by the National Curriculum for Physical Education in the various activities that take place during the school year: Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Swimming and Outdoor and Adventurous activities. The children have two PE lessons each week. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 take part in swimming lessons at the Friary School.


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